After the liberation of Aleppo, the city was rocked by a sudden explosion that claimed the lives of several people

According to the AP, the incident occurred on 24 December in the East of the Syrian city. The explosion involved the Syrian rebels.

An explosive device detonated in a school in East Aleppo. It is reported that the victims of the explosion were three people. According to information, the explosive device was left in the institution the representatives of illegal armed groups, which no longer remained in the city.

Before it was reported about the atrocities of the Syrian rebels, a prisoner who was about a hundred government troops, including officers. Before leaving Aleppo, the terrorists staged their mass execution.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” of Aleppo is officially released from the control of insurgents. The last column of vehicles with those weapons by members of illegal armed groups and their families left the city on December 22 .

Assad, commenting on the victory of the government forces, expressed gratitude to Vladimir Putin for assistance in resolving the Syrian conflict and the liberation of Aleppo from the control of insurgents.

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