Alexander Gerasimenya: sport and the family, the main thing – to act as a team

Alexander Gerasimenya

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The Olympic champion is confident that he will be able to find a balance between career and personal life.

About the difficulties in his sports and personal life and overcome them “goldfish” by Alexander Gerasimenya told the joint project of Hennessy Very Special and the magazine “Big” “Hero of our time”.

— What is your attitude to what you call a “goldfish”?

— Calmly. Moreover, this nickname for more than ten years. I won three gold medals at youth European championship, and one of the journalists called me “goldfish”. Since then and led.

— What was the toughest moment in your career?

— It would be wrong to emphasize one point. At every stage there are new obstacles that had to fight. When I started to swim, was one of the Laggards. And even decided that swimming is not mine, it is necessary to finish. Not gone just because of the team children, with whom he studied, and coaches . From laggard to a leader and held the championship in the future. The next difficult moment came when I was disqualified for two years. You know, when you’re exercising just for the sake of training, as it is not too good. It’s hard to do when you have no goal. But it was not because I couldn’t compete. Initially it was a question of disqualification of four years. It was hard psychologically, plus more have problems with health.

— During the disqualification you had thoughts to quit sailing and do something else?

— Of course, more than once. But, again, you know, only began her career in swimming and not immediately stop… there was a desire to prove that I can achieve results. Despite the fact that someone does not want it. Oddly enough, negative motivation is when you prove angry — much stronger than the desire to perform a standard discharge or to win first place.

— You talked about the fact that he could retire after the world Championships in Kazan. What event or idea made you to continue?

— Perhaps anger at the situation and understanding what I want and, more importantly, can achieve Olympic gold. Especially before the Olympics in Rio was six months, and I would not forgive myself if I didn’t try it.

— Maybe you have some personal setting? What you say to yourself when you feel bad.

I’ll say this: never works one thing. If it happened once to convince yourself, not the fact that will come again. We must continually look for new ways and methods to come up with inspiring ideas. Sometimes I scolded myself. Sometimes persuaded. Such simple, ridiculous, absolutely simple things that are not supposed to give the result — but given. Although we work with a psychologist, so in this respect the athletes so much easier.

— You are an example of strong, successful girl who goes to his goal. Who are you equals?

— I am a person who does not create yourself an idol. I never tried to imitate anyone. But I try to see in others those qualities which she wanted to buy. A lot of people. When I accidentally cross over and work with them, always admire. No wonder they say that people we meet not just. Life gives us an opportunity something to learn from them. I think this is true. Even a person who hasn’t treated you very well, too, for something you need. Difficulty builds character, makes you better.

— What character traits would you like to develop?

— I understand that it is not perfect: I have a lot of both positive and negative traits. I would like to cultivate patience and self-control. It would seem that at my level in swimming such qualities an athlete can possess is required. I agree, but again as a professional you could feel relaxed, and life on trivial matters to be treated completely differently.

— I have a question relevant to a beautiful young woman who almost devotes all his time to his career: the sport or business. What about the family?

— Important question. I wouldn’t say that to combine family and a career is the problem. But I think it is very important that the satellite supported your endeavors. We have the stereotype: a woman should always have clean, do Laundry, cook, go to the store, to raise a child. But when dad is involved, then both parents will be able to do everything and in the family, and career. Most importantly, act as a team. Many women find themselves in motherhood. I don’t think it’s good or bad. It is their desire. Then the woman raises the children, watching the house — and feel great. But there are those who see themselves not only in motherhood, who needs personal growth and realization in their profession. Each has its own needs, right? People, whether male or female, feels uncomfortable if the birth of a child negates the dreams and plans that he had. Should not be so, it is wrong. Need to find a balance between career and family.

— Your relatives are not trying to affect you? We say that it is time to end the carrier and deal with motherhood?

— I am a person who is heavily influence. All the time. I don’t reject motherhood. Of course, I understand that my parents want to become grandparents, to try yourself in new role. But it’s my family, right? I’m glad that loved ones are worried and worried about me, but decide what to do next. Of course, the conversation about family with my mother I had — it’s mom! But that “enough on the shelf to sit!”, was not. Especially because I am always busy, I don’t have time to “sit”.

— Where do you see yourself in ten years? You athlete or a mom, you live in Belarus or abroad?

Ten years is so little time! Dramatically during that time it might never change. Of course, I see myself as a family man, with children. If I’m going to swim in ten years? To keep fit, take part in local competitions — Yes. And to do his other favorite thing, which is associated with swimming.

— What do you expect from the Olympics in Tokyo 2020?

‘My most optimistic expectations!

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