Blue light stimulates the immune system

The light waves of blue spectrum make the T-cells faster to crawl.

How sunlight can help the immune system? It is believed that a role is played by vitamin D – recently, there is evidence that the lack of it weaken the immune system. Because vitamin D is synthesized in skin under UV exposure, it turns out that ultraviolet rays from the Sun help keep the immune system in working order.

Three of T-lymphocytes surrounding the cancer cell. (Photo NICHD / Flickr.com.)

But UV-radiation and vitamin D isn’t everything. Researchers from Georgetown University found that the usual blue light of the solar spectrum stimulates the activity of T-cells. By the nature of their activities of T-lymphocytes should be actively moving as they destroy other cells which were infected with bacterial or viral infection or degenerated malignant cells . Even if it is not T-the killers (what they are doing, it is clear by name), and T-helper cells or T-regulators, which control the strength of the immune response, and they must constantly be in motion in order to get where you need.

In an article in Scientific Reports says that blue light accelerates T-lymphocytes – they literally start to crawl faster. Under the action of light in T-cells increases the level of hydrogen peroxide that plays a role chemical warfare agents that kill bacteria, and also serves as a signaling molecule that tells other immune cells of the danger. It is under the action of hydrogen peroxide, T-lymphocytes start to move faster.

In our skin T-cells a lot, about twice more than in the blood, which is understandable: a huge number of pathogens it comes to us from the surface of the body, through wounds, cracks, etc. Although T-lymphocytes are sitting relatively deep in the dermis layer, the blue light waves to reach them – and you can imagine how excited the army of T-cells after a portion of the blue light is scattered through the body.

However, there is another worth to check whether light activation of T-cells helps to combat these infections; but if this is true, then patients with a weakened immune system, which lacks the usual sun, it will be possible, among other things, to prescribe more and blue light irradiation.

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