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Hope for the holiday


Many began to notice that life become insipid, or, more precisely, tasteless, like hospital jelly. Information hunger gave way to satiety, and everyone tries to decorate everyday life, the bread became more urgent, and the spectacle all the more interactive. photo: But the organization of the circuses have always been a bread place, and […]

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Down of Sturgis with nudity, and “THEIR superstar”: what did you think about Putin


Vladimir Putin: “If it (the exhibition) has not been destroyed, at it, probably nobody would have paid no attention. But the Creator of it in the States tried to bring to punishment. It is not necessary to eat phobias. And in the modern world it is impossible to ban anything. We will not go down […]

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Yury Stoyanov has played an Armenian who went to Azerbaijan


Ended in Moscow the XVI Forum of national cinematography, which brought together filmmakers from the former Soviet Union. Led the process – the head of the Confederation of unions of filmmakers Rustam Ibragimbekov. photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova Rustam Ibrahimbekov. The author of scenarios to films “White sun of the desert”, “Urga. Territory of love”, “the Barber […]

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The legend of Russian ballet Yuri Grigorovich: “the Theatre is manipulating the fates”


Very soon, the greatest choreographer of our time — a man whose name is inscribed in capital letters in the History of world culture, will be 90! Grigorovich — the whole epoch in Russian and Soviet art. Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and two State prizes, full cavalier of the order “For merits […]

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In honor of the anniversary of Vyacheslav Malezhik turn back time


Vyacheslav Malezhik – unique artist-mosaic. The concert consists of hundreds of pieces of different positive. The mood here is, there is a memory, a fragment of nostalgia, a moment of vivid impressions, the edges of the picture the variety of human emotions, and in the middle, of course, love. New years eve we met up […]

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The rector of GITIS Zaslavsky threatened striking students with expulsion


GITIS boils — the future of criticism boycott the rector and not go to classes and tests. Future actors, Directors and producers while watching, taking a position of non-alignment. And social media, as they should be, just turn the heat up. The cause of the conflict in the creative University — a decision the new […]

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Mikhail Gorbachev stood up for the Director Puchinyan for short stories about love


Stepan Puchinyan — elder Director’s workshop (“From the life of the chief of criminal investigation”, “the Mystery of Madame Wong”), celebrated in the fall of 89 years, we met at the Forum of national cinematography in Moscow. He opened the film “the Caucasian trio” by Eldar Shengelaia, where our interviewee played hamlet. photo: The […]

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Bard Yuli Kim: “the Slave component is our story”


December 23 marks the 80th anniversary of the poet, playwright, composer, and bard, Yuliy Kim. The songs on his verses sound in films “Bumbarash”, “12 chairs”, “heart of a Dog”, “Ordinary miracle, Formula of love” in the famous cartoon “Very blue beard”, “the Ugly duckling”. He is the author of the libretto of the musical […]

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Rockers Frank released album “against spiritual braces”


Music history seems to be moving in a spiral, and today again there was a time when rock in Russia has been actively used as a scalpel for opening abscesses of time. On the background of the immortal, repetitive and viscous, like chewing gum, love songs, in the works of others, a keen sense of […]

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Inna Churikova is the third time I broke my arm, performance “Lenkom” cancelled


Popular theatre and cinema actress Inna Churikova broke on Wednesday, her arm falling to his country house near Moscow. This doctors put the patient eminent gypsum. photo: Natalia Muslinkina Inna Churikova As it became known “MK”, evening, 73-year-old Inna stumbled, unable to stay on his feet and fell on my arm. And limbs the artist […]

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