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We will do everything to prevent the emergence of a new state on the territory of Syria – Erdogan


Today, on December 24, the leader of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Ankara is against the violation of the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. According to the Turkish President, in the Northern part of the country should not have any autonomy. “Turkey will not allow to create a new state in Northern […]

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Released photos of the snowfall in the Sahara from Space


Space Agency NASA showed photos of a rare snowfall in the Sahara desert

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In the German foreign office want to send a signal of humanity and give hope to the residents of Aleppo


Today, on December 24, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for the urgent provision of humanitarian assistance to Syrians who had to flee from Eastern Aleppo. About this “Russian conversation” reported, citing information from the website of the German foreign Ministry. “It is in these dark times, we want to signal […]

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The blatant murder of 12-year-old girl in Moscow have acquired the grim details


This Saturday, December 24, in a residential apartment building in the Ferghana street was found the body of a little girl. As reported “Interfax”, at the time of being stabbed girls in the apartment there was only her grandmother and 4-year-old child. Representatives Sledkoma announced the availability of the body of a girl multiple stab […]

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After the liberation of Aleppo, the city was rocked by a sudden explosion that claimed the lives of several people


According to the AP, the incident occurred on 24 December in the East of the Syrian city. The explosion involved the Syrian rebels. An explosive device detonated in a school in East Aleppo. It is reported that the victims of the explosion were three people. According to information, the explosive device was left in the […]

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The Russian fleet is greatly enhanced: the new frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” will arrive on arms early


Head frigate of the project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov” will give the fleet in the first half of 2017. This was stated by the chief of the General staff of the Navy Vice-Admiral Andrey volozhinsky. “The problem of creation of the ship, especially the head, always go through the difficulties. But in the coming months this […]

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The scientists said that can happen to a person due to a long stay in social networks


Danish scientists recommend to abandon a long time in social networks during the Christmas holidays. According to experts, this way you can become happier. Giving up social networks for just 7 days, say specialists could restore to man the feeling of happiness, reports “Russian The dialogue”. To such conclusion scientists came to the experiment with […]

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Obama has charged to create in the US state Department special office to deal with foreign press


Signed by current American President the law on the military budget involves the creation of the center on counteraction to foreign disinformation and propaganda. The creation of the future center, which will be part of the Department of State assigned to the Secretary of state, the head of the Department of defense and several heads […]

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Network angry after the publication of the photo “Zhytomyr Ukraine”, which owns the local antikorruptsionera


In the network appeared the information about the announcement of the sale of the house in Zhitomir for $2 million. Users are very surprised that the expensive “house” belongs to the official, actively fighting corruption in the region. The journalist Denis Bigus reported value of the house on his page in “Facebook” and posted several […]

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Terrible eruption of the Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula – a huge column of ash startled even seasoned


On Saturday morning, December 24, on the Kamchatka Peninsula again “spoke” the Shiveluch volcano. He threw into the sky a column of ash height of 7 kilometers. Note that the volcano itself is more than two times lower than a new eruption. Its altitude is 3283 meters. In the regional emergencies Ministry said that the […]

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