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In Nizhny Novgorod, the karate kid was beaten half to death schoolboy who stood up for his girlfriend


The scandalous incident took place in Nizhny Novgorod Sormovo district. There professional karate inflicted serious injury to a student on the street. As a result, the teenager was in intensive care. As it became known, 16-year-old fighter who has over a lot of victories at various competitions, he began to molest the girl, but for […]

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In Moscow under mysterious circumstances died 12-year-old girl: it became known that concealed clutter in the testimony of parents


The incident occurred on 24 December in one of the apartments in the East of the capital. The parents found their little girl dead in the bathroom. According to “life”, the girl was discovered stabbed his chest. According to the mother, her daughter committed suicide, but investigators were alerted to the fact that the body […]

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In the top of the “favorite personalities” of the French Le Pen “outdone” by Fillon


According to the latest survey of public opinion in France, the leader of the National front, the country’s marine Le Pen was ahead of Prime Minister françois Fillon. According to the newspaper Journal du Dimanche, Le Pen took the 37th place in the ranking, while Fillon was the 42nd position. Twice a year the publication […]

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Named the most nervous and “depressing” job in the world


Researchers from Columbia University set out to determine which profession in the world is the most nervous and causes depression in people. It turned out that middle managers

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In the US almost crashed the Airbus A330 with the football team on Board


The airliner, which was flying to the football club “Minnesota Vikings”, during landing skidded off the runway and got stuck in the mud. On it informs the American TV channel ABC News. Have proessentials on Friday, December 24, at the airport, Wisconsin. After landing the Airbus A330 Delta went beyond the runway into the grass […]

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During his inauguration, the President said he made a surprise announcement concerning everyone who does not agree with the election results in Moldova


On 23 December at a ceremony in Kishinev Igor Dodon took the presidential oath and delivered a speech. The newly elected Moldovan leader called on all who disagree with the results of the election to end the feud and unite efforts for the sake of building a common future. He also spoke about the main […]

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A member of the state Duma told about the dead end in which will be USA after the expansion of the Magnitsky act


The proliferation of so-called “Magnitsky act” in respect of the whole world, which was initiated by President Barack Obama, maybe to stymie Washington’s relations with all countries. Member of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak said that the administration of Washington wants at all costs to leave a mark in history. “Painful […]

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In the most famous prison in Moscow, the prisoner committed suicide


Today, December 24, it became known that in the cell the SIZO “Lefortovo” in the South-East of the capital prisoner hanged himself. The body of a prisoner is known of the detention center found the day before. “A man hanged himself on the sheet. His body was discovered during a crawl of the employees of […]

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Scientists have identified how many partners for sex should be in a person’s life


A group of scientists has identified what the ideal number of sexual partners should be men and women, so they safely develop a personal life. This study was conducted, which was attended by 188 people under the age of 35 years. The study showed that both genders prefer to connect his life with people who […]

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In Dagestan liquidated Shamil “” gang, were involved in the bombings and robberies


The national anti-terrorism Committee announced in Dagestan eliminated two militants, among whom were the head of “Shamil” gang responsible for numerous crimes. As noted by RIA Novosti with reference to the police of Dagestan militants was liquidated in the village of teletl ‘ Shamil district. “One of them – Ibrahim Amir, the leader of the […]

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