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World champion Fredrik Petersson moved to Minsk “Dynamo”


Fredrik Petersson 29-year-old Swedish forward Frederik Petersson signed a contract with hockey club “Dynamo-Minsk”. Striker is a graduate of the “Melody” and began his career in his hometown club. In 2005, under the General 157 number he was drafted by “Edmonton” and went overseas. However, to build a decent career in North America Petterson failed […]

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Valery Karpin told about the offer from Barcelona


Photo: Vitaly Belousov/TASS The former player of Russian national team Valery Karpin was close to moving to Barcelona. He received an invitation from the Catalan club during his playing career, but the move fell through About the offer from Barcelona Karpin has told on air of TV channel “Match TV”. The Catalans wanted to see […]

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Milan won their first title in five years


Photo: Saturday, 24 December, Qatar was played in the Italian super Cup. The trophy went to Milan, who beat Juventus The main time of the match ended in a draw 1:1. The score at the 18-th minute was opened by Juventus after a canopy with angular Milan Defender defenders Juventus has not closed Giorgio […]

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Sawicki can pursue a career in Poland


Photo: The services of the midfielder of the Belarusian “Neman” Pavel Savitsky interested in two of the Polish club. Piast and Plock Wisla want to see the attacking midfielder in their ranks, reports Earlier, Sawicki played in Poland as part of “Jagiellonia”, for which 2014/15 season played five matches

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Belarusian biathletes sing a Christmas song


Athletes of national teams of Austria, Belarus, Italy, Canada, Russia, France and Sweden sang the song on Christmas eve. Each team played an excerpt of the composition in the national language, reports “Pressball”. Skardino Nadezhda along with the men’s team of Belarus sang in Russian. (See. c level 0.39)

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Craig Woodcroft: “Dynamo” plays powerfully


Craig Woodcroft Mentor “bison” commented on the victory over the “Avant-garde”. The head coach of Minsk “Dynamo” Craig Woodcroft commented away victory over the “Avant-garde” (1:0). – This game was very similar to the match of the playoffs. Today played two good teams. We knew that “avant-garde” is very skillful. They are fast, good pass […]

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Minsk “Dynamo” won a fifth win in a row


Minsk “Dynamo” beat away, one of the leaders of the Eastern conference – Omsk “vanguard” – 1:0. In the first period the score was opened by Alexander Pavlovich, most expressing thanks to the successful game “the penny” reports The second period was remembered by a large number of deletions. Matt Ellison received 5+20 for […]

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Alexander Gerasimenya: sport and the family, the main thing – to act as a team


Alexander Gerasimenya Photo: “Big” The Olympic champion is confident that he will be able to find a balance between career and personal life. About the difficulties in his sports and personal life and overcome them “goldfish” by Alexander Gerasimenya told the joint project of Hennessy Very Special and the magazine “Big” “Hero of our time”. […]

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Became known the best athletes of Belarus


Vladislav Goncharov Photo: Globallokpress/ Huansong The survey in the 58-th time was held among Belarusian journalists. Olympic champion battist Vladislav Goncharov named the best athlete of the year in Belarus, barcia Maria mamoshuk — best athlete. The survey is already in the 58th edition of the newspaper “Sportivnaya panorama” among Belarusian journalists. This year your […]

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The promoter said the lack of doping in the sample Povetkin


Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS Other materials on the topic Don king demanded to deprive of the right Povetkin to fight for the world title 19 Dec, 17:40 Povetkin won by knockout after doping scandal 17 Dec, 21:33 The fight with Stiverne Povetkin was canceled after doping scandal 17 Dec, 14:28 The promoter of the Russian boxer […]

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