Construction began on the bridge across the Amur river, which will connect Russia and China

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BLAGOVESHCHENSK/HEIHE, 24 Dec. /TASS/. The construction of the bridge across the Amur river between Russia and China began in the Annunciation district of the Amur region. The bridge is expected to be built in three years, reported the press service of the regional government.

“In the solemn ceremony devoted to the beginning of construction of the cross-border bridge over the Amur river, was attended by the head of the Amur region and the authorities of Heilongjiang province”, – said the press service. Project construction period is three years, in 2019, the bridge is commissioned, it will start the movement of vehicles, said the government.

Strengthening cooperation

The construction of the bridge Blagoveshchensk-Heihe across the Amur river will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between Heilongjiang province (northeast China) and Russian Far East . This was stated at the ceremony of launching the construction of the bridge the Governor of the Chinese province of Lu Hao.

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“The construction of the bridge will accelerate the process of modernization and further development of systems of road, rail and river modes of transport and will contribute to strengthening cooperation between Heilongjiang province and Russian Far East”, – he said.

“The bridge will create a new international transport route will promote expansion of cooperation between border towns of Russia and China, will be an important step in implementing the initiative “One belt and one road” (the concept of inter-regional development “Economic belt of the silk road and Maritime silk road of the XXI century” proposed by President XI Jinping – ed. TASS), as well as the economic corridor of Russia, China and Mongolia,” added the party Secretary of Shanghai, Qin Antin.

Construction agreement

The agreement on construction of a bridge across the Amur river near the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese city of Heihe was signed by the governments of both the state in 1995, in September 2015, it was amended.

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On a parity basis in March 2016, a joint Russian-Chinese company, with which the authorities of the Amur region and Heilongjiang province will enter into a concession agreement for construction and operation, care and maintenance of the border bridge. The bridge will be the property of the Amur region and Heilongjiang province with the delimitation of property rights on the Russian-Chinese border.

The total length of access roads and the bridge will be about 20 km. the Total length of the main bridge 1283,8 m, width 14.5 m. It will be a cable-stayed bridge with low pylons with a two-lane road. The cost of construction was estimated at $356 million (2.5 billion yuan), two thirds of investment will have on the Russian side.

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