Craig Woodcroft: “Dynamo” plays powerfully

Craig Woodcroft

Mentor “bison” commented on the victory over the “Avant-garde”.

The head coach of Minsk “Dynamo” Craig Woodcroft commented away victory over the “Avant-garde” (1:0).

– This game was very similar to the match of the playoffs. Today played two good teams. We knew that “avant-garde” is very skillful. They are fast, good pass from defense to attack. We needed to play a simpler, deep work with the puck. I think for the most part we succeeded. We were able to score an important goal in most. In the third period, in my opinion, we had a little sit down, I would like to see more pressure from our side, but we defended well. The opponents had many chances to score, but we held on to win. Ben Scrivens played today just fine. He gave us a chance to win.

– How you consider, how you have facilitated by the fact that the “avant-garde” finished the meeting with ten forwards?

– I have not had the opportunity to review the time with Sobotka . Matt Ellison is not a rude player, I think he just finished his movement on the ice. I hope Vladimir and all will be well. I know what it’s like when a coach mixes up the links to reach the maximum. Sorry to all the coaches who fall into a similar situation.

– It is believed that Dynamo is quite rough team. Tell me, is it part of your tactics?

Depends what you mean by the word “rude”. Every match we play powerfully. We don’t play dirty, we play powerful. That’s what we need to do to be successful. We no supermaster. There are guys with strong character, who know that in order to win, they have to pay the price. We need to play well to be successful, especially against such skilled groups as “vanguard”. If we competed in skill, they would have killed us, – quotes Woodcroft official website of Minsk “Dynamo”.

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