Dogs turn gray from worry

In the nervous and anxious dog, the dog will be premature grey hair.

Gray hair, people appear not only with age but also stress: stress hormones make stem cells that give rise to the melanocytes, leaving hair bags, and as a result the pigment cells are already renewed, and hair grows discolored. But gray not only people, many dog owners are noticed in their Pets, the gray hair, especially on the face. Maybe they have a graying depends not only on age, but also from life’s troubles?

Dog turning gray too. (Photo Lainey1 / Flickr.com.)

Photos of dogs with different gray intensity: at the top – no gray at the bottom – with a fully gray face. (Photo King, C. et al. Applied Animal Behaviour Science (2016).)”

The authors of an article published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, argue that the way it is . The researchers went through several veterinary clinics and other places where you can find dogs with their owners, and every dog lover who agreed to talk (these were four hundred), offered a survey of forty-two points concerning the behaviour of the dog, its age and health, then the dog itself a couple of times photographed.

The answers to the questions could create a psychological portrait of a dog – whether he is inclined to spoil things, being alone; he feels fear when he sees a group of people or on contact; climbs if his hair during a visit to the veterinarian, etc. Separately assessed the impulsivity of the animals, i.e. whether the dog likes to jump on people, continues to act after a walk – all this is learned in order to know how nervous a particular dog as his disturbing behavior.

The answers were compared with pictures of dogs, looking at them on the face, gray hair (the researchers did not take into account the old dogs who could just turn gray from age, and those who were light in color – they were difficult to distinguish normal hair from gray). For more accurate evaluation even attracted independent observers who have never met dogs with photos and which were to assess the graying of the dog on a scale.

Indeed, the most disturbing animals – those that are especially reacted violently to loud noises, strangers, etc. have been and most gray, and females were on average more white than the males. On the other hand, the intensity of the gray did not depend on the sizes of animals or from their medical history. The obtained results may be useful to those whose profession is somehow related to dogs: for example, when faced with an unfamiliar dog by looking at his face, immediately understand how he is nervous.

According to LiveScience.

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