Down of Sturgis with nudity, and “THEIR superstar”: what did you think about Putin

Vladimir Putin: “If it (the exhibition) has not been destroyed, at it, probably nobody would have paid no attention. But the Creator of it in the States tried to bring to punishment. It is not necessary to eat phobias. And in the modern world it is impossible to ban anything. We will not go down this path. We need a permanent dialogue with society”.

Photo: rock-opera.ru

Indeed, before the scandal broke, an exhibition of Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment” in the Center of photography them. Lumiere brothers the first two weeks passed in absolute silence and boring. She began to visit after a post in LiveJournal Lena Miro, where she criticized the draft for Nude photography of underage girls, and cited as evidence the pictures, which are actually on display was not. The photographer stated that it was not filmed naked minors, and removed the covered models with their consent . But that didn’t stop activist, and he poured over the work of Sturges in the urine, and the group “Officers of Russia” blocked the entrance to the exhibition. Then management of the photo center had to close.

According to Vladimir Putin, the St. Petersburg Opera theatre’s “Jesus Christ superstar” on tour in Omsk “closed” are not patriots. “Two months sold sold 46 tickets, so organizers voluntarily abandoned the performance.”

The same explanation about the prohibition of the play was given at the time, and the Ministry of culture of the Omsk region, citing its uselessness. According to local Minister of culture Victor Lapuhin sold was 42 per ticket. According to the Minister, the first rock Opera was performed on stage in musical theatre in 2015. Then, according to Lapuhina, community activists spoke out against the production but “the diocese didn’t support them”. November 1, 2016, according to his testimony, the public boycotted the show, and when we had to make a decision, will be staged or not, and sold was 42 ticket distributors Alexey Ezhov made the decision to remove the play. And the government of the Omsk region and the Ministry of culture to this have no relationship. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at the time reported that figures out who has forbidden the production.

As it became known “MK”, the performance in Omsk city music theatre was canceled in the beginning of October, and the show was scheduled for 1 November. So time to sell tickets. Then, in the administration of Omsk has received the statement of the movement “Family, love, Fatherland” with a request to cancel the screening of the rock Opera as she is of the “continuous blasphemy and violation of sacred meanings.” But now is only one version: the show was cancelled distributors or someone advised them to do it. It is now difficult to ascertain. After the story of “Tannhauser” and the resignation of the Director of the Novosibirsk Opera Boris Mezdrich, Director of the local theaters are reinsured in advance to avoid performances that might cause the dissatisfaction of the activists.

In Omsk history with the play “Jesus Christ superstar” is the second in 2016. The first occurred in July, when the cultural Department of the city on the initiative of clergy was abolished in the Lyceum theatre the premiere of “Dance” on the play by Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler, which saw adultery. Premiere was to be held on 6 July.

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