Examination confirms the belonging of the head of the CEC signatures and records in the “barn book”, ETC.

National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has published the results of a handwriting examination “granary books” of the Party of regions, demonstrating the authenticity of a signature of the head of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky in these records.

“Expert report of the Kyiv scientific research Institute of forensic expertise (KNIISE) of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, which instead of 10 days, for unknown reasons, lasted 3.5 months, not confirmed at the same time does not exclude the possibility that the signatures and entries in the “barn book” belongs to the head of the CEC. However, according to another examination conducted by the State scientific-research expert-criminalistic center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine (GNECC), signatures and records on behalf of a suspect in the “barn book” belong to the head of the CEC”, – the press-service of NABU on Saturday .

The Bureau indicated that these records became the basis for the compilation of the suspicions against M. ohendovsky.

As for the Bank statements, according to the investigation, the head of the CEC have funded your own Bank account in those days, when the signatures in the “barn book”. Thus, according to one of the entries in the “black accounting” on 27 September 2012 M. ohendovsky received from the assistant to one of deputies of the Party of regions $4.7 million, of which, according to investigators, in accordance with current financial documents, put into his Bank account of $4.5 million

NABU also said that untrue statements of lawyers suspect that the message on suspicion no information about the person transferring the money: “In fact, such information is available and specified in the message on suspicion”.

Detectives NAB to assume the defense may have an impact on witnesses, so at this point she refused to provide information about a complete list of these entities.

A photocopy of the conclusion of a forensic expert regarding signatures M. ohendovsky in the “barn book” published on the website of the NABU.

As reported, the evening of 13 Dec M. Ohendovsky at the airport “Borispol” presented the message on suspicion in criminal proceedings about the so-called “black accounting” of the Party of regions. He is suspected of committing criminal offences under part 3 and part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (bribery in large and extra large sizes a person holding a very responsible position).

The total amount of bribes alleged by detectives to the suspect, is about $161,7 million, which is equivalent at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine at the time of Commission of crime was almost 1.29 million.

21 Dec Solomensky district court of Kiev elected M. Ohendovsky a measure of restraint in the form of personal commitments until February 13, 2017: the head of the CEC may leave the territory of Ukraine only with the permission of the investigator. At the same time, the court refused to dismiss M. Okhendovsky as head of the CEC for 2 months, rejecting the application of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

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