Hope for the holiday

Many began to notice that life become insipid, or, more precisely, tasteless, like hospital jelly. Information hunger gave way to satiety, and everyone tries to decorate everyday life, the bread became more urgent, and the spectacle all the more interactive.

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But the organization of the circuses have always been a bread place, and now even more so. Is it any wonder that the First channel cancelled the broadcast of the match Russia — Czech Republic the prize of the tournament his name, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Russian hockey. Now flying in space no one interested, not that hockey.

A rating of spectator sympathies to a similar broadcast on the eve, when we lost to the Swedes, barely exceeded six percent, and Resino was to show hockey instead of the transfer of “let’s get married”, causing the people much more interesting .

Much to the delight of the discerning public all resolved in the best way: the third period of the match showed a channel “Match TV”, the ice Palace was full of true fans of hockey and our guys from the national team defeated the Czechs with the score 5:1, probably wanting to prove that they are no worse and certainly better suitors from the “box”.

A bit disappointing in this story is one unconcealed joy of one of the Swedish players about the fact that their victory they managed to spoil our holiday.

Well short-sighted Western politicians are trying to strangle Russia with economic sanctions. Or going on about them the international sports organizations seeking to deprive our athletes have Olympic medals or to deprive us of the celebration of the bobsleigh in Sochi. But why do athletes line up at the tail of the queue wanting somewhere to spoil and spoil others mood?

In the gospel of Matthew said: “Calcite and otvertetsya you.” But you have to be aware of: excessive zeal is no good, and in fact can otvernetsya so that you will not find it.

Anyone who is someone skedit, it understands, but still, in the case of the response of the offended. Once one of the most influential people in the world, and now going on a holiday, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — probably, in his defense — to claim that the election results in America has identified Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers.

If this is seen as Russia’s reaction to the intervention of our overseas “partners” in the Affairs of other countries and unprecedented stresses on our own, why then expand the list of anti-Russian sanctions and to tease further, “the Russian bear”? Little opened? Especially since, as noticed in the West, Russia, thanks to its cunning policy, already dares to “take” in the United States former allies.

But this is reminiscent of the Capgras syndrome is a manifestation of a dire mental States, in which the patient believes that he or someone from his family swapped with a double.

American neurologists recently described rare variant of this syndrome that is associated with the fact that one completely trustworthy citizen of America thought the FBI replaced him with a cat to guide him constant surveillance.

The study authors report that they were able to detect in the publications associated with delusions of persecution, only two mention accomplished submenus cats, two pet birds and one dog. The cases of substitution of entire countries still has not been fixed.

Those who mind their trying to understand Russian, I guess I just don’t know what holidays we have more than any other country. And if people are excitedly watching the transfer of “Let’s get married”, people still have children and grandchildren, who will enjoy these holidays and come up with a new one.

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