In honor of the anniversary of Vyacheslav Malezhik turn back time

Vyacheslav Malezhik – unique artist-mosaic. The concert consists of hundreds of pieces of different positive. The mood here is, there is a memory, a fragment of nostalgia, a moment of vivid impressions, the edges of the picture the variety of human emotions, and in the middle, of course, love. New years eve we met up with Danny to talk about the upcoming universal holiday, and on approaching his personal – the big anniversary. And, most importantly, about how to celebrate this big event in his life, he will please their beloved viewers.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Vyacheslav, you in the New year I plan to work or celebrate?

To work or not to work – depends on the offer, the artists here act as girls. (Laughs). Corporate events are fewer offers declined sharply. Artists still release this time under the work, and work , it is not. But I, at least, not that crazy that the New year should definitely meet at home, as work, and work. Usually we gather at the cottage with family, but if there is an interesting offer, I will respond. I’m planning to spend your anniversary in February next year and I need money, so if there is a job that does not humiliate the author, then I’ll go sing.

– How to celebrate the anniversary going?

The concert, which the ladies in the Kremlin on February 17.

– Will be a completely new program, or rather hit a concert?

Is looking for someone. For those people who come to me constantly, the program will be familiar, and who is chosen every 10 years, for those there will be many new songs that I have already tested in their concerts and know that they are good. And I can safely introduce them to the masses, because of my regular fans have all these things you know and love. But since this event, called jubilee, is a La the reporting-election meeting, I will summarize the results for himself and try to prove to myself that done. And for this we need to see what I did decent during that time and what can I do to please others, because the songs at the concert in the Kremlin different sound than somewhere on the sidelines.

In recent times it has become very fashionable to do this show, just all the polls so build the program. You will succumb to the trend?

– No, I’m not going to engage in campaigning. I was one of the first who sang his jubilee concert on the fiftieth anniversary, that is, 20 years ago, with a Symphony concert. On the sixtieth anniversary was also a versatile concert with various musicians. And now I want to show my own unique qualities I possess, including the ability to sing with minimal accompaniment. However, the concert takes off TV, and the environment, I’m afraid, will require to “make it rich!”, but still chorus I’m running.

– Will the celebrity guests?

The concert will be called “VIA Malezhik,” that is, it is clear that this is a reference to the time when it was popular vocal and instrumental ensembles. And I’m invited on stage by the musicians with whom he worked in the ensemble “Jolly fellows”, “Flame”, “Blue guitar”, and friends of group “Samotsvety”, “Blue bird”, “People meet,” gave consent “Yalla”, the fair sex will be Alena Apina, Turkish Soprano, Ekaterina Semenova. So great mood, and the absolute positive, the audience is guaranteed.

And as for the celebration – you all are love to celebrate their birthdays?

– I usually celebrate birthday, arrange a concert in the restaurant, because I know that will still ask to speak, and I would even be offended if not asked to sing or to say something. And I usually do a concert in some club where there is a possibility to order food to release his wife from the trouble of cooking and so on.

– A house with the family not going?

– The experience of previous years I can say that my birthday we usually we usually celebrate from February to may. Every Saturday-Sunday someone comes, the table is covered… we Have to think it will this time.

– You cook for yourself?

– I know how. If we cook something pretty good, because the main ingredient in cooking is love, the desire to feed their loved ones.

– What are waiting for gifts for an anniversary?

– To be honest, waiting for any surprises. Traditional kebab houses sets, sets of shot glass are adorned in different parts of the house and the country, too, and waiting in the wings when the barbecue will be prepared for a big company.

– It is now fashionable to give money in an envelope, how do you feel about this kind of gift?

– Honestly, I never got one.

– What gifts do you like and don’t like?

– I like a beautiful woman, quite accustomed to the gifts, and sometimes I don’t know what do I want? Perhaps flowers, which always carry, are a powerful irritant, because when I came to work in the “Funny guys” on the scene gave them just armfuls. And now during some responsible colors concerts is a lot. But, on the other hand,

A poem for the “MK” from Vyacheslav Malezhik:


On the advice of writer Chekhov

I drop slave tormented…

Here’s my brother, fun,

Here’s a guitar washed down!

Only years that I was a slave,

For me is still a thrill!

What to do with me and then-

You the bottle on the table, eh , put!

I will cheer and drink up

For the love and that I was her slave!

And for the music, so as not to sleep

To sing and play until the morning!

And for work, which I also like a slave

Built The Great Pyramid Of Cheops…

In the galley named “RA”

With Heyerdalom sailed – so simple.

And I am your servant; slave family;

A slave to his promises and plans.

And freedom? You correctly understand –

I don’t drink… Morning… Early!

December 16 , 7 00.

Your Vyacheslav.

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