In the Arctic recorded increase in temperature




Photo: vistanews.ru

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm, because at the North pole the temperature recorded, which exceeds the norm by an average of 5 degrees Celsius.

In the Arctic tomorrow is expected to overcome the zero mark, the threshold of melting ice. This year was declared the warmest, driven by numerous anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and powerful weather phenomenon El niño in the Pacific ocean. NASA publishes a photo which shows how reduced the volume of glaciers and it hits all record.

The American national center for the study of snow and ice during the expedition established that on December 20, Arctic sea ice is at a record low level during the whole time of year. And on Christmas day the weatherman does predict formation of a major heat wave where temperature will exceed the norm by 20 degrees .

Such phenomena, leading for a global change, are considered natural when occurring about once in a thousand years, however, due to the high level of emissions, this figure will more and more shift, the scientists believe.

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