Inna Churikova is the third time I broke my arm, performance “Lenkom” cancelled

Popular theatre and cinema actress Inna Churikova broke on Wednesday, her arm falling to his country house near Moscow. This doctors put the patient eminent gypsum.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Inna Churikova

As it became known “MK”, evening, 73-year-old Inna stumbled, unable to stay on his feet and fell on my arm. And limbs the artist is, alas, weak — Inna breaks are not for the first time. So, in 2011, she slipped on a wet floor at the airport and broke her leg and arm, and in 2012 — fell after the rehearsal in the theater “Lenkom” and injured both hands. The actress then turned to the 31-th city hospital.

At the same medical institution husband Gleb Panfilov brought to a fatal Wednesday complained of pain after the fall artist. The doctors did an x-ray identified a fracture and put a plaster. Need for hospitalization was not, therefore, a stellar patient was sent home .

– I hope soon Inna will take the stage, – explained the Deputy Director of theatre “Lenkom” Sergei Voltaire. – Thursday is the play “Aquitaine lioness”, which involved Churikova, will host the play “Juno and Avos”.

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