Mikhail Gorbachev stood up for the Director Puchinyan for short stories about love

Stepan Puchinyan — elder Director’s workshop (“From the life of the chief of criminal investigation”, “the Mystery of Madame Wong”), celebrated in the fall of 89 years, we met at the Forum of national cinematography in Moscow. He opened the film “the Caucasian trio” by Eldar Shengelaia, where our interviewee played hamlet.

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The Houston festival.

No, not the hero of Shakespeare, and the Moscow Armenian theatre. After the show we talked about his own long-suffering project. If Stepan Filippovich called Mikhail Gorbachev, but he never appealed to the Minister of culture Medinsky, nothing would have happened.

Five years I ran the project “Three seasons,” — says Stepan Puchinyan. — Twice applied to the film Foundation, but has not found support. But for his latest film “the Golden fish in the city of N” I have received eight international festivals in Russia, China, USA sixteen awards, including the Grand Prix of the 45th Houston festival . After that, I presented a scenario Nicholas Semenova. This is the first script work of my close friend on the basis of a collection of his short stories. In 2011 strikes the film. Not finding the support of the cinema Fund, addressed to the Ministry of culture. The tender received the highest scores, but there was a caveat that I didn’t know. Someone asked for two million roubles less, and pointed to two month shorter period of production. The result is one who is creative, scores were below received funding. Three times applied to the Ministry of culture and three were in reserve. Three of the expert Council of different composition 2014-2016 recommended my project to run in production. And only 7 of December was the happiest day. From the Department of cinematography, I was informed that the issue of funding is solved. I already picked up a film crew, doing hooves, staged something like a competition to the three operators. The one who offers the most interesting creative decision, and it will work.

What is this three stories you want to tell?

Three short stories about love. The first is about George sand and Chopin, rather, about a modern young couple. The husband is studying the works of Chopin. His wife is a pianist. Spouse always fight but they love each other. The two will travel to Mallorca, where he lived for several years sand and Chopin, sick with tuberculosis. There the climate was good for him. It is lyrical and poetic, and even religious picture. It starts with the fact that the globe is moving towards a huge planet. And here the hand of the Almighty comes to the rescue. The second story is about the student of literary Institute, which for recreation in Feodosia will fall in love with a local girl Assol. But the hero coward and lose love, and after forty years to return to the Crimea. This short story about how cowardice is disastrous for a person. The third story is about the humble musician Andrew, the third violin. He will get under the car, and the twelve apostles will decide whether to send him to the light or return to life. One of the apostles will play Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. He asks: what would you like — wealth, popularity, love? Saved wish to play like Paganini. So be it. He begins genius to play the violin, become rich, to travel the world and fall in love with a girl, loving a musician of the same orchestra, the third violin, which sits on the same place where recently sat the main character. Will combine three stories on the theme of love, the music of Chopin and one of the heroes.

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