Network angry after the publication of the photo “Zhytomyr Ukraine”, which owns the local antikorruptsionera

In the network appeared the information about the announcement of the sale of the house in Zhitomir for $2 million. Users are very surprised that the expensive “house” belongs to the official, actively fighting corruption in the region.

The journalist Denis Bigus reported value of the house on his page in “Facebook” and posted several photos, according to “Russian conversation”.

Already nicknamed “Zhytomyr Ukraine” the house is sold for $ 2 million.

“7 acres fenced, 3 lakes, two houses, connected by a glass passage. Well, the pool and the style openwork bikoko, of course”, – the journalist writes.

According to him, the property belongs to the firm, which is owned by the head of Department anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region Anatoly Akmatov.

“And Yes, I can only imagine what a hut of their chief, if it’s only representative in region”, – said Bigus .

Under his entry you will want to leave different comments.

“You know the master of the house (former recreation center) is not Akmatov! You should not have it! He just gave an ad” – says the subscriber.

Most of the statements are negative.

“I do not understand from where such prices in Ukraine. 2 lemon I’m in Europe, half castle, with a garden can buy, and then a provincial town, the country is not included in the hundred of the richest countries, and the price of the head not nalazit,” commented a web user.

“How has it all got, and most importantly…no!! results….and thrive on, and rightly said Shkiryak: povonyaet and on the Board,” says another.

“The fight against corruption is worse (in the sense of more profitable) the most corruption. Corruption is corruption – eating cannibal” – said another subscriber.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that the court formally arrested garages, plot, pictures and money Yanukovych in Mezhyhiria.

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