Obama has charged to create in the US state Department special office to deal with foreign press

Signed by current American President the law on the military budget involves the creation of the center on counteraction to foreign disinformation and propaganda.

The creation of the future center, which will be part of the Department of State assigned to the Secretary of state, the head of the Department of defense and several heads of related Federal offices.

One of the tasks of the authority will be monitoring and evaluating foreign information materials on threats to U.S. national security and its allies.

Center staff will work to support distribution of “factual” material. Their tasks will include study of the response tactics and procedures for the refutation of “false reports” .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” on the eve of transfer of power Donald Trump Barack Obama signed a law on the military budget in 2017, which forbids the Pentagon to cooperate with Russia and extend the action of so-called “Magnitsky act” on countries around the world.

Senator Alexei Pushkov, commenting on the approved current American President a document called the legislation a fake, noting that it will not spread to the dictatorship that close to America.

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