Released photos of the snowfall in the Sahara from Space

Space Agency NASA showed photos of a rare snowfall in the Sahara desert . The media has published photos of a rare natural phenomenon, made in the Algerian town of ain sefra in the North of the desert. According to witnesses, the snow lay for about a day and then began to melt. It was reported that snow fell in the area for the first time since February 1979. This is stated in the press service of the space Agency.

This incident
managed to capture thanks to the Landsat
7, which is provided by the photographic material in the color solution. As noted
scientists, preliminary analysis of climatic zones showed that
this region snow is impossible.

In summer the temperature
in the area of ain sefra reaches 37 degrees Celsius, in winter it can fluctuate on
a level close to zero.

Earlier in the scientific world called sensational causes of the Sahara desert.

As noted by the representatives of the research world, the cause of the very large and world famous Sahara desert was not warming, and cold on the globe. Earlier, Sugar is distinguished by an abundance of vegetation and was a fragrant edge, but about 5 thousand years ago began cold, which negatively affected the vegetation.

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