Rockers Frank released album “against spiritual braces”

Music history seems to be moving in a spiral, and today again there was a time when rock in Russia has been actively used as a scalpel for opening abscesses of time. On the background of the immortal, repetitive and viscous, like chewing gum, love songs, in the works of others, a keen sense of the reality of the actors break and other reasons — war, human suffering, social cruelty. By the end of a leap year the two teams, not saying a word, “exploded” is quite powerful, topical, problem albums “Megabit” listened with a heavy heart.

Lumen showed the world in gasoline and oil

Four years ago, “Megabit” talked about the conceptual explosive album of this rock band “To pieces”. Since the boys did not hand over positions and continued to steadily move forward on the beaten track of social texts and a sharp, confident sound remain recognizable, but with the same force kept the interest of fans of a fresh opus . Since then they have had time to get another full-time job “No time for love” (2013), as well as two Studio album — “Acoustic” (2014) and “Always 17 always war” (2015). This year the twentieth anniversary of the group (the participants came together in 1996 and was first sung netlenki “Civil Defense”, “Movie”, “Chaif” and Chizh, and then began to play their songs), marked the album “Chronicle of the mad days.” Appearing two weeks ago, he managed to climb on top of the Russian charts.

The atmospheric title fully reflect the contents: the Lumen, as always, everything is structured and clear, but not boring — to watch the drama tracks as possible for a rapidly developing plot of a Thriller, more precisely, in this case antiboitic. This is a set of uncompromising anti-war songs, in which musicians sing about the horrors happening now in the world, offering instead to look for someone to blame, everyone to look at myself in the mirror on people’s reactions to the terrible events, mainly the indifference of the majority.

Themes rising in tracks — possible path to peace, the search for truth, freedom, awareness. Although the team continues to hold the roots and his favorite forms of sound — heavy guitars, tight rhythmic framework, sharp tunes — it is more evolyutsioniruet philosophically and ideologically. The texts are woven from a precise, well — aimed phrases like “the world is saturated with gasoline and oil,” “there are many ways to forget that tired know”, “of all the possible cases we choose what the mountain of somebody’s bodies swept away in the war the rink.”

Songs “Truth” and “voices of the world” fans had heard prior to the release of records, and in the latter sang, in addition to the soloist TEM Bulatov, 18 singers from three countries — the leaders of the teams-participants of the contest “Rexona”, and the video for the first among the five most viewed in Russia videos on the Internet.

“The right to the album definition — powerful, says his work TEM through all of its content with a red line held an anti-war theme. The style of the addition of new texts was partly inspired by the works of Nirvana, a lot of repetition of one line or word, more of images than of linear stories and thought, although without it, of course, too, was not. “Chronicle of the mad days” — very riffany album, there are a lot of heavy songs. All together — it’s explosive mixture”.

Louna: horror in a mousetrap

The name of the new album of Lusine Gevorgyan and his comrades, “brave new world” immediately brings to mind the last album, “Vopli Vidoplyasova” “Codovi Svit” (“Wonderful world”), but the similarity is only external. If Oleg Skrypka gathered under a common “marked” songs in the style of “light of the post-hippie” (as he defined the style of), the group Louna worked on the contrast: those things, which is sung in the album, not so rosy, as chosen for him a name that sounds more like irony. Here the musicians are probably still close colleague stage, and the writer Aldous Huxley, released in 1932 anti-utopian satirical novel with an almost identical title “brave new world”. In it, he writes about life in London in the 26th century, where there are no families, there is a consumer society, people are not born naturally, but are grown in special containers, problems of any kind “be resolved” through drugs soma, and stuff like that. Artists, of course, retell the story on the disc, the contents of the work. They have their own dystopia — a “brave new world” of modernity. And I think they tacitly agreed with the Lumen — to sing on the new record is essentially one and the same, a few different feeding idea.

It seems that if the first team was to produce anti-war record, Louna ruthlessly exposes all the evils and lays bare all the ugliness of our surrounding reality, cutting to the truth without embellishment. “Brave new world” — a symbol of the modern world, where, blindly believing the propaganda and imposed values, people are losing true freedom and not even notice that everywhere there is a devastating war,” — so the musicians describe their work.

In a scathing, shocking texts, framed by no less heavy and hard sound is a melodic framework, they show “hopeless days in the sleepy realm of shadows” where “Caesar stole for the people, Brutus sold for a tweet, the Jingo, this cosmopolitan”, and those who go to war, saying: “We love you to mother you will return, son, without a head, without hands or without feet.” The song “More hell” — revelation on the topic of spiritual braces, and warm friendship of Church and state; the names of the songs “Propaganda”, “Beyond”, “Heart of steel” speak for themselves.

With each track the plot thickens. It is not only about war and politics but also about the problem of ordinary people who have “friends only alcohol, TV, armchair and nicotine”, about show business (in a satirical opus with the words “here’s a brilliant riff, here’s clockwork motif, here’s the fashion bit is going to be a hit”). It all sounds truthful, sincere, but overwhelming.

However, the artists themselves suggest not to put a point and not to make an unambiguous conclusion that the Apocalypse is done. How to perceive our “wonderful” reality — to solve everyone living in it independently, but the team leaves on his plate more or less bright window — the song “Spring”, in which some places and you hear hope for a better future. Her Lusine sang a duet with the singer of the group “Porn” Vladimir Kotlyarov. Still, it is sad and significant that the General epigraph to the entire album became the quote of Egor Letov: “Trap shut”.

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