Sergey Lazarev made a shocking statement

Sergey Lazarev



Photo: from open sources

33-year-old singer Sergey Lazarev for two and a half years and has a son.

The young dad, whose family secret revealed journalists made an official statement. For the first time after news that Sergey Lazarev has long concealed his son, the singer reached out to fans and the press. In his statement, confirmed by paternity.

“The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass, causing a lot of talk, rumors, discussion, often negative emotions, and even adults and experienced people this attention is a complex challenge, not to mention a small child – says Sergey Lazarev in Instagram. – That’s why me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful happy event occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, exclusively in a family circle, do not make any statements and declarations” .

Sergey Lazarev no more hiding what really was the father, and asks everyone to respect his desire to keep personal life away from prying eyes.

“Today it so happened that the General public has become known that hidden event in my personal life. And now there are a huge number of publications, speculation, dodumki and gossip. In order not to produce them even more, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy here for 2.5 years to be a dad and raise my son. But I am asking all to respect the personal space of my family, me and my son and keep our right to privacy. Thank you for understanding!” – said the actor.

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