Sri Lanka intends to break the record for height artificial Christmas tree

In the Sri Lankan capital Colombo set artificial Christmas tree that can break the world record for altitude, said on Saturday the French radio station “France enfo”.

After installation is complete, the tree will reach a height of 57 meters, 10 meters more than the height of the record last year, an artificial tree in the Chinese province of Guangzhou.

Spruce in Colombo will beautify 600 thousand colored lights. Under it will stand six-meter Santa Claus on a 12-metre sleigh. The organizers of the project invited to evaluate the fir, representatives of the Guinness Book of records.

“We wanted to create a tree height of 100 meters, but due to delays we had to reduce its height,” the lead radio the words of the organizers.

The cost of Christmas trees is estimated at $200 thousand It has caused the protest from the Catholic Church, this is partly due to delays in the process of its construction, says “France enfo” .

In order for the construction of the spruce were blessed by the Archbishop of Sri Lanka, it took the intervention of the Prime Minister of the country. The clergy insisted that these funds are better directed to charitable organizations.

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