The blatant murder of 12-year-old girl in Moscow have acquired the grim details

This Saturday, December 24, in a residential apartment building in the Ferghana street was found the body of a little girl.

As reported “Interfax”, at the time of being stabbed girls in the apartment there was only her grandmother and 4-year-old child. Representatives Sledkoma announced the availability of the body of a girl multiple stab wounds.

According to information, at present militiamen establish the parents ‘ whereabouts and trying to figure out who and how could get into the apartment during their absence.

Prior to that, in the domestic media appeared information that at the scene the investigators questioned the mother of the murdered girl, which first told of the suicide of his daughter, and later admitted that the child was killed the husband of her sister.

It was also reported the only knife wound to the chest and numerous bruises found on the body of 12-year-old girl . At the moment details of the incident are specified.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, Moscow, 34-the summer woman, being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, stabbed his own 78-year-old grandmother. A month later she decided to get rid of the body, throwing it to one of the capital’s landfills.

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