The model of the early universe printed on a 3D printer

The New York Times

The New York Times

According to scientists, it was 380 thousand years after the birth.

Professor of astronomy at new York’s Barnard College, Jenna Levin and a group of her employees had printed on a 3D printer three-dimensional model of the Universe in this form, as it was after approximately 400 thousand years after the Big Bang.

To recreate the Universe in miniature, the scientists used a computer program “Space sculpture”, which is based on the map created using measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation held orbital Observatory “Planck”.

It is reported that this algorithm was developed by American researchers and experts from Imperial College in London.

Printed the model of the early Universe looks like a ball of irregular shape. Bright colors on the surface of the hot region, representing the traces of the Big Bang. At the same time, the entire surface of the sphere, mainly, has a pale blue color .

“We don’t need to convince someone that this model is correct. We were guided by only a map of relic radiation,” said Professor Levin.

Previously, NASA has published a unique photograph of the milky Way, reconstructed from multiple images taken by the observatories.

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