The rector of GITIS Zaslavsky threatened striking students with expulsion

GITIS boils — the future of criticism boycott the rector and not go to classes and tests. Future actors, Directors and producers while watching, taking a position of non-alignment. And social media, as they should be, just turn the heat up. The cause of the conflict in the creative University — a decision the new rector Grigory Zaslavsky connect theatre and production departments into one, in his opinion, solely for the benefit of the development of theatrical business.

What is happening in one of the leading universities in the country? Why the good intentions of the rector are not in heaven, and cause resistance? And finally, who is to blame and what to do? We discussed with Grigory Zaslavsky and specialists who know the problem.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Grigory Zaslavsky.

I do not understand the protest of the students, and I have all developed a deep conviction that students someone manipulates . I clearly said that the reorganization of the faculty does not hurt their interests, does not affect learning and student program.

I think a good drama should be still versed in the issues of today’s economy and theater to understand what the theatre is in demand, and producers to understand the essence of art. Absolutely simple questions that will be addressed by the introduction of special courses on a choice. And nothing else either in educational curricula, especially in the diplomas cannot be changed. Not that I don’t want to change but can’t, thank God, to do this: education is a conservative system. And the fact that now the students declared a strike, is a disgrace, they do not understand what will follow.

— And what might follow?

Three times came in the standings, so going to pay. So the boys go into the army, the girls have to re-enroll.

— Severely. And what is the situation in GITIS? What’s going on?

— I can say that in the morning it was all quiet, and yesterday from ten in the evening at the faculty teatrovedchesky were five strangers. It is clear that in telephone mode and in the mode of personal presence of certain people running this process.

— Students manipulating who and for what purpose?

I don’t understand. All the arguments that I throw in as the prosecution perplexed. When talking about some long-standing traditions of drama faculty, I ask: “Name one of these traditions?” I am a graduate of this faculty, don’t know any. Talking about the scientific school — and it is not. On theses say, but last year at GITIS was protected only by a dissertation, and the following year stated seems to be one candidate, and then not very, in my opinion, research topic — “Dramaturgy FL Guskova”.

But in social networks write that the reorganization of the faculty started with only one purpose — to shoot the Dean of the faculty of theatre studies Natalia Pivovarov.

The appointment and removal of the Dean is the prerogative of the rector, and I would have been able to relieve her from office and appoint another person. In addition, Natalia Pivovarova five-year contract is long over, she is acting Dean, so I’ve been able to dismiss. I have no issues at all. Now, of course, after what happened, I can say one thing: Dean Pivovarova certainly never will be. After everything she did, never will.

How can you say that everything comes from Dean, that is acting?

I know that the number of calls the people she called. Theatre scene is remarkable for the fact that people, after talking first with one person, and then tell others about it. So there is quite a transparent situation.

But there is one important fact — it turned out that the question of reorganization, when the acting Dean is on medical leave. That is behind her.

— While Natalya Pivovarova is on sick leave, the duties of the Dean of the faculty takes Faith V. Kochetova. And she, of course, was at the meeting. Moreover, many have been warned about my offer. This is my personal decision, and I will not impose him — neither the Ministry of culture, no one else. I think it should be done.

— Why work as a rector (a little over a month ago, passed the approval Zaslavsky) began with the theatre, not from another faculty of the Institute? He’s the weakest link of the University?

— I believe that this is the crisis point of GITIS. When I had Alexey Bartashevich, I have listed all these problems, he listed my problems and their urgency agreed. And what’s more, on Thursday I’ve got with the teachers of drama faculty had a meeting and we have agreed that details of the meeting are not take out for General discussion. But as Alena Karas (associate Professor of GITIS, the theater critic. — Approx. ed.) said that she was dissatisfied with the results of the meeting, I can now declare the meeting ended with the understanding of each other, Yes, Yes, the faculty is in crisis. And, judging by the reaction and the uproar around the Theatre, I understand that this faculty is really a sore point.

— You met with the teachers… And students?

— I met one time with the students of production faculty (half an hour) and twice with students from the theatre (the first forty minutes, the second 15 minutes). How much will need, I will meet with students and will never refuse dialogue.

Other faculties in this conflict are involved? How do they react? They do communicate with each other — future actors, Directors, critics? Or all by yourself?

— I’m going on the scenography Department and find out the attitude of designers. Communication of students from different departments — that’s what I had started. To make it more live communication between the students of different faculties. I’m in GITIS and went. Today, I think they do not understand the reasons why a war occurs. They do not participate.

— Will there be a second academic Council, as required by the opponents of the reorganization?

At the end of January following the academic Council, and, of course, you can put the question.

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