The scientists said that can happen to a person due to a long stay in social networks

Danish scientists recommend to abandon a long time in social networks during the Christmas holidays. According to experts, this way you can become happier.

Giving up social networks for just 7 days, say
specialists could restore to man the feeling of happiness, reports “Russian
The dialogue”. To such conclusion scientists came to the experiment with
1 participation of thousands of volunteers. They were divided into two groups. The participants of the first
the group has restricted access to social networks, while the subjects of the second group had
the opportunity to sit in them an unlimited amount of time.

At the end of the experiment, scientists noted that people of
the first group had significantly improved mood. But among those who long
the time spent in social networks, no changes were observed .

These results, the researchers note, due to the fact that people
experiencing lots of negative emotions, including jealousy, when
browsing other people’s pages, posts and photos on social media. Not to spoil
my mood before the new year holidays, the researchers recommend though
would be to abandon the “Vkontakte”, Facebook, etc.

Earlier, American scientists found that being in
social networks can extend a man’s life.

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