The socialist leader took the oath of President of Moldova

Igor Dodon during the inauguration

During the inauguration, he pledged to maintain the neutrality of the state.

Igor Dodon took the oath of the President of Moldova, reports Radio Liberty. The ceremony was held at the state Palace in Chisinau with the participation of representatives from Russia, Belarus, Hungary and other countries.

During the inauguration he called for unity in the country and pledged to maintain a neutrality of Moldova.

Also the newly elected President addressed the thousands who disagree with the election results of people who had gathered at the Palace before the inauguration and promised that he would be the President of all Moldovans.

“The unification of both banks of the Dniester river is the main goal of my tenure. I would like to appeal to those who voted for other parties: let’s go down to the barricades and unite for a better future for all of us – Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians, Gagauz and all citizens in a single country,” he stated .

He announced plans to visit Moscow and Brussels as President.

“We will build bridges to the East and the West”, said Dodon.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 18 November, the CEC of Moldova has officially recognized the victory of the socialist Dodon in the presidential election. It receives more than 52 percent of the vote and his rival from the Pro-European parties the Effect and solidarity Maia Sandu nearly 48%.

Kiev has put forward a condition for continued friendship with Moldova

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