We will do everything to prevent the emergence of a new state on the territory of Syria – Erdogan

Today, on December 24, the leader of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Ankara is against the violation of the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

According to the Turkish President, in the Northern part of the country should not have any autonomy.

“Turkey will not allow to create a new state in Northern Syria,” Erdogan said at a meeting of the foreign economic relations Council in Istanbul.

Turkish troops are in Northern Syria, a military operation whose purpose — to free border areas from the Islamists.

In addition, they oppose the armed Kurdish militia. In Syria, the Kurds are not subject to Damascus, and in favor of federalization and the establishment of their own Autonomous region in the North of the country.

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held telephone talks with the head of Turkey Redzhepom Erdogan .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported, the German foreign Ministry to send a message of humanity and give hope to the residents of Aleppo.

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