Yury Stoyanov has played an Armenian who went to Azerbaijan

Ended in Moscow the XVI Forum of national cinematography, which brought together filmmakers from the former Soviet Union. Led the process – the head of the Confederation of unions of filmmakers Rustam Ibragimbekov.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Rustam Ibrahimbekov.

The author of scenarios to films “White sun of the desert”, “Urga. Territory of love”, “the Barber of Siberia”, “Burnt by the sun” presented “the Caucasian trio” by Eldar Shengelaia (Russia-Georgia-Spain). The role of the Armenian, who arrived in Baku, played by Yuri Stoyanov, Azerbaijani Gogh, Pipinashvili and Georgian – is famous the innkeeper in “the Adventures of Pinocchio” Baadur Tsuladze. It begins with the fact that the young actor from Baku and moved to Moscow, working in the theatre (Svetlana Vragova actually played herself) and at the urging of his own father, an Armenian decides to change the name of Azerbaijan in Armenian. All of this is a blow for the loved ones.

We talk with Rustam ibrahimbayov .

– Our forum is being held after a four year hiatus, thanks to a grant we received through the women’s Union of Russia. We were visited by people who have undergone severe testing in their countries. It would seem, is the Foundation of the CIS, and Russia publicly States interest in close contacts with post-Soviet countries, are high-sounding phrases about the common cinematographic space, but no one cares about that. But the thirst for communication in film-makers have.

Even young?

Hundreds wanted to come to our school, held for the fifth time in the framework of the forum. We weed out. In the end, invite 30 people. And there were only 45 participants, including from Ukraine. However, it was not an official representative, but Ukraine continues to be a member of our Confederation, while Lithuania and Latvia came out of it, because the money for the forum we allocated from presidential Fund. Our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues said that we had violated political neutrality. They confused the source of funding.

– Estonia left?

– Yes, although the head of the Union of cinematographers of Estonia has not arrived. But was the Estonian filmmakers and their films.

– What do you want? What future do you see ?

– I want to live as human beings. Not like animals. Kyrgyz saw the Tajiks, Uzbeks and Tajiks. The boundaries between some States have been closed for 25 years. At our previous school young Armenians first saw the living of Azerbaijanis, and when she broke up, crying as pioneers in “Artek”.For several days they became friends and this is the most important thing.

– You wrote the script for “the Caucasian trio”. What is happening there is reminiscent of the theater of the absurd. Is this possible?

– Armenians in Azerbaijan can not come at all. I am amazed of the virginity of understanding of the world in Moscow. From Armenia expelled 400 thousand Azerbaijanis from Azerbaijan – 300 thousand Armenians. It lasts for 30 years. And it never ends. What is the theater of the absurd? The conflict is not resolved. For three years I can’t go to Baku because of the fact that it is not supported by the official Azeri propaganda encouraging hatred of other people. At the time, Konstantin Simonov wrote: “Kill the Germans” Saw — kill! This is explained by the circumstances of war. Now, too, the circumstances of the war. I condemn the Armenian aggressive circles and the seizure of territory, I believe that it is a crime not only against Azerbaijan, but against the Armenian people and humanity as a whole. As in the third Millennium to solve such questions in this way? I do not deny the Armenians the right to consider that this is their territory. We believe that this is our land. This is a subject of discussion. One student shot in Sarajevo led to world war II. But I am categorically against appeals that Armenians are our enemies and don’t need to communicate with them. There are many reasons why interstate conflict continues, there is an external influence. In his time he created controlled conflicts to keep in check territory. They were in Central Asia, and the Baltic States. You cannot restore one nation against another. Then on orders from above say: “put up!”, and the people are feuding for centuries because it is process inertia. When in Armenia say that Azerbaijan monstrous people, and in Azerbaijan claim that Armenians are our sworn enemies, and the intelligentsia is silent – it is bad. There are terrible problems between States, but what about the people?

Did you notice that in the film everything is organized against the hero? It was all me. A few years ago I also brought Armenians in Baku. Then wrote that Ibragimbekov – the enemy of our people. The main character everything is fine but suddenly there is a crowd, the police who provide the opportunity to beat, and then say enough. Hero Stoyanov was not stamped at the border. All this organized stuff to deal with that person.

– It is important that the Director is Georgian?

– Needed a neutral figure. Eldar Shengelaia – my friend, I understand perfectly the essence of the problem. I am the author of the script and producer. The film is based in Tbilisi. Moscow part I shot as a Director, and helped my son Fuad Ibragimbekov. The fact that Edgar and the operators were unable to obtain a visa in a short time, and the film can’t wait. The film has rarely seen. The forum held its second show.

– Why, Yuri Stoyanov has played an Armenian?

– He looks like my friend, an Armenian whom I had brought to Baku. The Armenians, like the Jews, are very different. Stoyanov said that doesn’t even want to talk about money, so he liked the role, only asked not to glue his mustache. I think he played great.

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